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Tubee- Shop, Play, Love

Shop and Play

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About Us
A trio who have different personalities thus different tastes but have a common goal of making our customers happy.

Hence to make this online shopping a memorable experience, we have Tubee's Contests for every collection, a mini game or contest for our customers to participate and win prizes as tokens of our appreciation. Check Contests Rules below for more.

Tubee has its motto: Shop, Play and Love. Shop with us, play with us and love us! It is shopping your way to play time!

Delivery and Postage
Delivery can be done by normal mail (at your own risk) at SGD$1.50 per piece, and SGD$0.50 for every subsequent piece, we will not be held liable for any parcels that get lost in the mail.

We highly advise our customers to opt for registered mail which carries an addition surcharge of SGD$2.24
(meaning if your item is $24, pls pay 24 + 1.50 + 2.24 = SGD$27.74).

We will deliver the stocks within 1 to 3 working days from the date of receipt of payment. Although a longer duration can be expected due to unavailability of stock or other unforeseen circumstances.

Ordering Information
5 Easy Steps to process an order

#1 Decide on the piece you are 100% sure about purchasing it and ensure that you check your email regulary to meet our deadlines.

#2 Post a comment, please include:
- Your Name
- Email
- The name of the item to be purchased (state colour and size)
- Confirmed (Yes/No)
- Method of mailing (Normal/Registered)
- Method of payment (Atm transfer/i-banking)
- Contest answers if you want to particpate

#3 Wait for us to send an electronic acknowledgement within 24 hours upon successful submission of your order.

The email will contain the bank account number and the total sum you'll need to pay.

Take note that the email addresses used by us is tubeemail@gmail.com and tubeemail1@gmail.com

#4 Proceed to the nearest atm machine/i-banking service to do your payments within 24 hours.

#5 We'll get back to you and mail your package within 1-3 working days. 

Terms & Conditions
No haggling as all the prices stated are fixed.

Deadbuyers who comment and fail to send in payments will be blacklisted.

Reservations is on a case by case basis.

-We only accept Atm transfers, Ibanking transfer and paypal.

Our POSB Savings Account A/c No: 207-54354-3

-We do not accept concealed cash mailed to us.

- We do meet-ups on a case by case basis at selected areas such as Clementi or Bishan. However Ibanking is prefered.

- We ensure accuracy in the billing of all our transactions.
Payment must be made within 24 hours after confirmation of order; failure to process payment within 24 hours will result in the cancellation of order and users will be blacklisted.

5.Status of items
If item is stated as Pending, it means that we are awaiting for payment. You still can leave a comment with your email address if you are interested in the item. We will notify you if the deals fall through.

6.Cancellation of Orders
We will refund the amount paid if the order is cancelled due to the unavailability of goods. Any cancellation of orders once it has been confirmed and submitted by the customer will not be entertained.

7.Exchange & Refunds
We do our best to check that products have no defect before we mail out.

An exchange of the same item will only be made if:

1. The color of the product we delivered is not the color you have ordered.
2. The size of the product we delivered is not the size you have ordered.

Please note that only conditions 1 and 2 are applicable for mail delivery. For mail deliveries, if the product returned is torn or damaged, an exchange will not be considered.

A full refund will be made if:
The product is no longer in stock after making the full/down payment. If item is faulty, we wil not refund you but request to exchange with a similar item.

We will not entertain any request for refunds other than the stated criteria in our terms and conditions.

Tubee's Special 1 - Free to participate
Terms & Conditions of Tubee's Contests
Contests Rules

There is one contest/game for each collection.

Customers who purchased an item in the collection are allowed to participate one time in the contest.

Prizes are not vaiid to people who did not purchase any items but have the correct answers.

The prizes we are giving away will be stated in the contest for each collection.

Prizes issued are valid for the next collection.

How to play:

E.g We give you 2 pictures and you spot the differences by commenting again with your email and answer after you commented to purchase your item.

We will find the best answers and inform you via email if you have won the 1st, 2nd or 3rd price.

e.g. 1st prize- 20% off
2nd prize- 15% off
3rd prize- 5% off
Our prizes are our small tokens of appreciation for bonding and playing with us.

Furthermore, prizes vary for each collection. You are only allowed to use the prizes for our NEXT collection.

We may play games like TOTO, hangman and more games or other contests such as who can write the sweetest love poem, why you love our shop and much more!

We will be honoured if you can come and play with us!

Tubee's Special 2 - Free customisation of messages and packaging for friends & loved ones
Terms & Conditions of Tubee's Surprise

Many people love to receive parcels from Mr Postman and most of the time they know what they are receiving. However, this time, your friends will get to receive parcels that they do not expect

We help to personalise your messages to your friends or loved ones if you want clothes/accessories to be delivered to them by Mr Postman. We wrapped them nicely in a nice package into envelopes. We do it all for FREE!

Normail Mail - SGD$1.50
Registered Mail- Additional SGD$2.24

All you need to know is your friends' mailing address! We will not reveal our shop name in your messages too. 

Surprise your friends or loved ones today, be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine Day's gift or Christmas gift!

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